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How to Sell


We accept only clean, complete and items in full working order.  For health and safety reasons, used car seats or used electrical items cannot be sold and clothing is currently not accepted.


Drop off your used and preloved items at Cots to Tots in Haxby and a personal sellers account will be created for you​.


Your items will be expertly valued and a list, including selling prices, will be issued to you. 


Your items will be ticketed and displayed in our shop for 8 weeks.


At the point of sale, we take our commission and the rest is for you!  (No sale=No fee)

Terms & Conditions

  • Cots to Tots acts as an agency for people who wish to sell their used and preloved baby and toddler items.

  • It is the responsibility of the seller to bring items in clean, complete and full working order.

  • Items that use batteries must be supplied with working batteries.

  • All items must be intended for maternity, babies and children.

  • Used car seats or used mains powered electrical items cannot be sold and clothing is currently not accepted.

  • Used cot mattresses should have a waterproof cover with no tears, cracks or holes. Mattresses must be clean, dry and not sagging.

  • All Prams and pushchairs must have a label (usually on the frame or seat cover) stating compliance with British Standard 7409 or EN1888 and a label headed ‘Carelessness Causes Fire’.

  • Only toys manufactured after 1990 have to have a CE mark. However, all toys must meet the essential safety requirements found in Annex ll of the Toy Safety Directive (e.g. no obvious damage, no sharp edges or finger traps).

  • Children’s bicycles must have a saddle height of less than 635mm from the ground with tyres fully inflated.

  • All upholstered furniture must include a label headed ‘Carelessness Causes Fire’.

  • Sellers are required to provide personal details to create an account and provide photographic identification.

  • Cots to Tots will expertly value your items and provide you with an itemised list, including selling prices.

  • Your items will be ticketed and displayed in the shop for 8 weeks.

  • Cots to Tots will notify the seller via email once an item has sold.

  • After 8 weeks, if your items sell, you can collect 50% of the sale price.

  • The seller can collect monies due once an item has sold or at the end of the 8 weeks, only on production of the item list and identification.

  • If your items don’t sell, they should be collected within 2 weeks of the end of the 8 week period. Uncollected items after this time will be donated to charity.

  • No registration fee or charge is made against items not sold.

  • Price reductions can be discussed at the end of the 8 week period.

  • The seller is allowed to remove their items at any time, upon production of the item list and relevant identification.

  • Cots to Tots is not VAT registered therefore VAT will not be added to the selling price.

  • The seller should inform Cots to Tots of any changes in contact details.

  • Please do not be offended if we have to give any of your items back.  In order to make the most we can for you, we need to make sure that the items we are taking are going to sell and are in the best possible condition.

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